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Catskill Mountains - Ulster County


The purpose for which Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith is formed is to inspire and mobilize climate and environmental action among people of diverse faiths - including those who are spiritual but not religious - to end the age of fossil fuels and transition to a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.


Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith participates in national, regional and local coalitions in forums, rallies, demonstrations and other actions directed at financial institutions to stop funding climate chaos.


Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith participates in statewide and local coalitions in advocating for governmental programs and funding in response to the climate crisis, including mitigation and adaptation.

Monument Mountain  - The Berkshires
Kinderhook Creek - Rensselaer County


Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith provides assistance, coaching, and education to individuals and organizations on moving finances from funding fossil fuel extraction, production and distribution and instead direct their bank deposits, insurance premiums, and investment portfolios to fund local businesses and farms, affordable housing, and development of renewable clean energy.

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