Catskill Mountains - Ulster County

GreenFaith Mission

Because the Earth and all people are sacred and at risk, GreenFaith is building a worldwide, multi-faith climate and environmental movement.

Together our members create communities to transform ourselves, our spiritual institutions, and society to protect the planet and create a compassionate, loving and just world.

GreenFaith Vision

We envision a world transformed, in which humanity in all its diversity has developed a shared reverence for life on Earth. Religious and spiritual communities everywhere generate a moral awakening to the sacredness of Earth and the dignity of all people.

Together, we are building resilient, caring communities and economies that meet everyone’s needs and protect the planet. The era of conquest, extraction, and exploitation has given way to cooperation and community.

Monument Mountain  - The Berkshires
Kinderhook Creek - Rensselaer County

GreenFaith Values

Rooted in Spirituality - We are centered and inspired by our faiths and revere the sacredness of Earth and all people.

Moved by Compassion - We act out of love and a deep will to end the suffering of people and the planet.

Passionate for Justice - We strive to end all forms of oppression and bring forth an equitable and healed world.

Inclusive by Nature - We collaborate with persons richly diverse in culture and backgrounds.

Responsible in Practice - We lead by example and seek to embody integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Bold for Good - We show courage in taking risks and creativity in our actions.