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to draw urgent attention to the moral imperative
to stop funding new fossil fuel projects
Friday, October 14th 4:15 - 5:15
Academy Park across from State Capital Building in Albany

We are bringing faith leaders to the forefront of this gathering to highlight the immorality of investments that steal the future from coming generations.


This action is to speak to Big Finance on the moral imperative to stop funding fossil fuel projects... it is directed at TD Bank, which continues to finance new fossil fuel infrastructure with billions of dollars, all while science is telling us to reverse course immediately to prevent climate catastrophe.


Red Rebel Brigades attend non-violent direct actions and events to support fellow activists to draw attention to the climate emergency. Costumes are red to symbolize the common blood we share with all species. Movements are slow to divert, direct and draw people into the actions... a silent plea with the public to acknowledge climate collapse, to mourn environmental losses, and to call on governments and businesses to act to mitigate climate catastrophe.